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Export Hydra-Drill Export Packages
Special Export Packages

We have Special Hydra Drill Packages specifically designed for Export and use in other countries. The Base Prices are the same as our standard packages, but designed to minimize shipping costs and for drilling in remote areas. There is no additional cost for exporting the package for you. We take care of preparing all the required export documentation and make all the shipping arrangements for you via truck, ocean or air shipment. If you want to handle the exporting yourselves, we still recommend one of our export packages and we will prepare special Export Invoices, Packing List, Certificates of Origin and other documents to make the shipping easier.

Our Special Export Hydra Drill Packages are as follows:

*The standard 202 EX 60 Meter Package will drill a 90mm bore-hole to depths of 60 meters. The 202 EX package is our most affordable package and recommended for short-term drilling projects in favorable formations.

*The 404 EX 75 Meter Package will drill a 152mm bore-hole to 60 meters or a 90mm bore-hole to 75 meters. The 404 EX is recommended for drilling in less favorable formations, for longer term projects or light commercial use. This package is upgraded with larger bits, 5HP mud pump and 75 meters of heavy duty drill stem.

*The 505 EX 75 Meter Package is our heavy duty Hydra Drill. It will drill a 152mm diameter bore-hole to 75 meters. This package is upgraded with a 6HP 4 cycle power head, all welded construction, all metal swivel and 75 meters of premium drill stem. The 505 EX Package is recommended for on-going village based water projects in developing countries or where the drilling conditions are unfavorable.

*The Commercial 707 EX 90 Meter Package is our "Flagship" of the Hydra Drill line. It is recommenced for long-term export use and as an entry level commercial drilling system. It is upgraded with a commercial grade heavy duty 6HP engine and 25:1 commercial grade gearbox. It will drill to 90 meters and up to 203mm diameter.
Custom Hydra-Drill Export Packages

We have many requests to customize our export packages. We can, for example, quote a Commercial 707 EX Packages with only 45 meters of Drill Stem instead of the standard 90 meters. Or we can delete the Well Drilling Pump from any of these packages if you have a suitable pump already.

Our Export Department will be pleased to work with you and custom design a package perfectly suited to your applications. Due to the increased shipping expenses of these Export Packages, special discounts are available for Export Orders

Contact us for your special package quote

Call (334-749-3377) Fax (334-749-5601) or Email rswords@deeprock.com


at the new uses people keep coming up with for the Hydra Drill 707EX. Of course, the Hydra Drill was originally conceived 37 years ago as an easily affordable, highly portable water well drilling rig that offered an alterative to high priced commercially drilled wells. The Hydra Drill has been a remarkable success story with over 300,000 sold for just that purpose.

But people keep coming up with other uses for the Hydra Drill that surprise us:

We have a man in the Caribbean drilling 10 feet under water in coral to set piling for piers.
A customer in the Yucatan is drilling holes for grounding devices for electrical equipment.
There is an Eskimo in the Aleutian Islands sampling placer deposits for gold.
An archaeologist is using a Hydra Drill 707EX for sampling work at a "dig" in the Middle East.
Many Hydra Drills are being back-packed into remote areas for drilling "shot-holes" for mining and seismic work.
A government agency in Africa is using one to drill soil samples in a huge dam project.
We even keep hearing reports of people using Hydra Drills to hunt for buried treasure, and we don't doubt it for a minute.

It seems that for whatever reason anyone would want a hole drilled into the ground, the Hydra Drill 707EX is being used.

Contact us to receive information and prices on the versatile Hydra Drill 707EX 90 Meter Package. We also offer several smaller, less expensive 60 Meter and 75 Meter packages. Call (334-749-3377) Fax (334-749-5601) or Email rswords@deeprock.com

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